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A new piece of Equipment!!


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I recently acquired a car bucket seat from a thrift store and with some modification I turned into a Bino chair. What do you think. Offer some criticism or thoughts on how to make it better.

I attached a swivel to the bottom to allow me to swivel around. The binos attach to a tripod head that I took apart. The rope that leads to the top of the tripod head allows the whole assembly to swing up and down. Its a pretty simple design on most of it but it seems to work really well. It's still a little wobbly due to the cheap tripod head and looking straight up is possible but it isn't very easy. I even added a nice cup holder for those cold nights and warm coffee. Anyways tell me what you think!!




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That awesome! Looks comfy too!

Might have to have a go at something like this myself, i work in the trade so I've got a few volvo seats laying around to try it with.....safe and comfy!! A 12v supply and bingo...a heated observation chair :)


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Im pretty happy with it. The base is pretty heavy it doesn't move around to much. I got lucky enough to get a bucket seat that still had the rails on the bottom where I could slide it back and forth so I slide the rails back to where it pretty much keeps its center of balance. Now I need a clear night to really put it through some tests.

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