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Keep your fingers crossed for me!!


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8th December I'm off to snowdonia for the weekend to finish our welsh 14 peaks challenge, staying in Wales near very dark skies so I am hoping for clear skies. Last time we went we descended in the dark and although it was snowing there were very brief breaks in the cloud and I was blown away. Hoping to get some serious astronomy done, assuming I'm not completely shattered from a long day in the mountains x

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I have some, was given to me off a nice gentleman off here :-) they will be in the boot definitely :-D x

Maybe it's because I'm not feeling well, but huh? Lol x

You said they will be in the boot, I'm playing on words... Car boot / boot on left or right foot :D

You'll have to excuse my Essex boy humour!

Really good to see that you didn't give up and are making the best of the bins :D

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That brings back memories. I remember competing 40 years ago in what was then the Cambrian March (roof top of Wales walk) now the Cambrian Patrol.

It was an Army endurance/reconnaissance exercise, 8 man teams covering 37miles in 48hrs with 60lb packs and the 13 peaks.

It's now the closest thing to the SAS selection endurance course.

Have a great time, and take care.

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Wow!! Before march this year I'd never set foot on a mountain and I'm not exactly the skinniest fittest person so to do the 14 in 9 months for me is a big achievement specially as we only get to go once a month Sometimes less.

Ben Nevis is the next goal :-)

And I will wrap up warm. Always do :-)

Was caught out in a blizzard last time, not nice at all!! Can't wait though, thanks everyone xxx

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