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Hello all TAL 2 users

I recently bought myself a second hand telescope and joined the 'TAL 2 Club'.

Having very little (no) experience of astronomy, I hope it is something I can learn to use over coming years. I pointed it at Jupiter last week and was able to see four of its moons - fantastic.

What I am hoping is that some of the more experienced users may be able to direct me towards some useful guide or reference articles to help me get started with the TAL.

I have posted some photographs in my gallery so you can see the model I have bought. The hardest thing so far has been to make some space in the garage to get the thing into. It certainly is bigger than it looked in the ad picture !

Hope to be speaking to some of you soon.


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Hi Lumpnuts ( great name by the way...)

Welcome to the club. Raise any questions you think applicable and i am sure they will be answered.

As soon as AndyH (Mr Tal) finds out there is a new Tal2 owner I am sure he will be posting...



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Thank you all for your comments.

I hope to speak to you guys in the not too distant future - in the meantime I will try to absorb some of Andy H's wisdom.

Going to try and get an early night tonight. I am told that Saturn puts in an early appearance tommorow morning - and guess what - I am just itching to give this baby a go.


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Looks to be in lovely condition. A fine buy!

The mount & scope is built like a tank, but the only thing to be aware of/take care of, is the small reduction gearbox(hidden-bolted to the motor). Until I fully understood how the mount worked, I destroyed mine, so treat it kindly ;)

Thanks to Jason for putting up those links.

If there's ANYTHING, no such thing as a stupid question, that doesn't make sense, just ask and one of the many 2M owners on here will help.

What you have bought, is in my opinion, a scope that, if not already, is going to become a modern day classic. I don't think we'll ever see another complete setup like it again.


ps: there are a load of cheap n easy upgrades that can be done both on the scope and on the mount, but have a read through those links & then set it up, ready to go and get it out under the skies. Enjoy !!!

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Hello Lumpnuts,

How are things with your TAL 2M?

Just got the rest of mine delivered, so will have it set up over the next few days.

Have you figured the mount alignment and the motor yet?


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