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first stab at imaging (rather poorly !!!)

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hey guys

managed to take a few pics this week.

basic set up (see signature) and nothing more than my phone camera

ok they arearen'teat but they are my first forforayto the nebula that is imaging !

any tips greagratefullyireceived







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These are great phone camera shots. Are you using any filters? A grey filter could possibly cut the glare a bit to enable you to get some details in in jupiter. Perhaps you could improvise some sort of cradle for your phone to rest in while imaging? Theoretically your phone should be able to take short clips like webcams, and then you might be able to stack the result, if you get the phone to sit still against the EP.

Keep up the good work!

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thanks carl

the only filter i used was a standard moon filter

i processed the pics a bit using a phone app called snapseed but apart from that they are "clean"

i may try using the video idea you mentioned but i would need to try and cobble some form of clamp for the phone

i hope to upgrade to a better scope etc later on and do some proper "camera" imaging

thanks again for the advice


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