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IC1848: Soul Nebula (Part 2 of 3) Ha/OIII

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Friday night presented a rare opportunity to get out under some clear(ish) sky, but with all the rain we've been having it made for rather a damp experience (ended up having to deploy the hairdryer). Maybe I should invest in a couple of dew heaters, which would come in very handy for when imaging things that are overhead. So no we are cloud bound for probably another 2 weeks I thought I would make a start on processing the data.

I managed to grab the missing OIII panel, top up the other two, then move on to the SII and complete the first panel before the mist/fog started to cause problems (as well as a massive lunar halo). So, the things still missing are:

2 panels of SII - 90min each

Another 90min Ha per panel - to kill off any remaining noise in the corners

An RGB star layer - I might try filling that in with the 1000d set to ISO400

Once I have a complete set of data I will calibrate it properly and present all three versions. It would be nice if I could nail the soul in just one season, I'm almost there..... but its proving to be a bit of a slog! (wish I had a 2nd 314L+, as this would have been finished long ago!)

IC1848: Soul Nebula

22x450 Ha_L, 15x450 Ha/OIII/OIII (x3 panels)

ED80 (0.85x), Atik 314L+, NEQ6

Setpoint: -15

Thanks for looking! :)



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Thanks Gina, I should be able to get it sharper with more Ha. Ive developed a little trick in PS to increase the contrast without affecting the whole image ;)

Basically, its a case of creating another luminance layer which has had "enhance local contrast" run on it (twice). This is then blended with the background layer using "darken", with a mix of between 60-80% (whilst previewing the effect to get a good balance). It makes those bok globs pop out nicely. However it needs a shedload of clean data in order to do it all without introducing noise into the weaker parts of the nebula - hence the need for at least 4 hours per panel (Ha luminance).

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