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Brightest meteor which I have ever caught on my camera.

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Hi guys.

I caught quite a few meteors in the past, but this one is brightest up to date.

I caught it while shooting Milky Way time lapse in Newton Forest near Wick at 14 November 2012.

Trail is slightly curved by my fisheye lens.


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It does indeed look impressive.


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Very impressive :) hopefully you will be able to 'extend' the duration of the meteor in the time lapse

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Timelapse seems to be a good way of catching the unexpected meteor. I picked up a chance fireball bright enough to shine through the cloud in the summer.


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Thanks guys.

at andrew63 - yes, I think it was a fireball.

at Photosbykev - this meteor is only on one time lapse frame, so the only way to "extend" the duration is freez the frame for few moments but it will by rather noticible as Milky Way movement on the sky will stop for a while.

at laser_jock99 - nice catch, and yes time lapse is the best way for hunting meteors, I am doing this for every major meteor shower if sky is clear and I am often pointing in Milky Way direction so if will be not so lucky to catch meteors than will always have nice time lapse of Milky Way. But shooting Milky way time lapses I am almost always catching some meteors but rarely so bright like this one.

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On its own it'd be an amazing image, but the inclusion of the Meteor really add to the shot, well captured :)

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very interesting and beautiful image. Wonderful!

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