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This may be an unusual request to put on this forum, but does anyone know if I can down load from the inter-net, or can purchase the 88 solar constellations on a wall chart in a globular form showing them linking the stars as drawings the way ancient Greeks saw them, where the Gods had put them in the heavens for eternity. As in Orion, representing The Hunter or Warrior, Ursa Major The Great Bear or Andromeda the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia.

Many thanks,


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I have never seen anything like this, not showing all 88 anyway, thats going to be rather large for a wall chart. If you just want to learn about them etc, there are plenty of books on them


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I think the Greeks only named just over half of the current constellations. Many were added in the 16th / 17th century by Europeans navigating the Southern hemisphere.

Constellations like Octans and Volans were / are not visible from Greece.

Good luck in your hunt though!

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Try Stellarium and switch on "Constellation Art" - it's one of the first three buttons on the left bottom menu. It isn't a wallchart but there's a reference in the credits you could start with. :)

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Are you after a globe of some type?


That globe sounds awesome!! Listen to the description

'In the daylight the 22.8cm diameter globe shows political boundaries, oceans, equator, longitude and latitude lines, country names, capital cities and other major cities for each country in the world. By night the illuminated star map shows constellations with their common names. The Earth and Constellation Globe has an automatic light sensor so when the globe is turned on and the surrounding area is dark the globe will transform into a beautiful glowing globe showing the star constellations'

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