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how to focus the altair 10x60 finderscope

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Hi all.I have an altair 10x60 finder scope and I can't seem figure out how it focuses.the more you twist things at the back it feels like it's gonna come loose.I've had a go and I've never managed get into focus.anybody know if you focus it with the 60mm ring on the end?

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that's the one.oh right I give that a go.at moment I got the adapter on with the qhy5 Camera on I go give that a twist then.sounds daft question but I didn't want it fall apart.many thanks much appreciated.

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I struggled with this when I got mine - I wish they had sent instructions! If you have the QHY5 attached and want to focus that, the focuser is a helical focuser and so you need to unscrew the adaptor half way down and then when you have achieved focus you tighten it with the locking screw and hey presto! I was worried about it all falling to bits, but had to take it apart to work out how it worked!

With the illuminated eyepiece, as already said above.

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You only need to twist the diagonal off when fitting the guider adaptor. To focus normally for visual use, turn the helical adjuster on top of the diagonal for rough focus and lock off, then twist the eyepiece itself - which if it's like mine - will provide fine focusing.

To adjust the guider adaptor (once fitted in place) you need to undo the locking ring and turn the tube out then lock off once in focus (use a bhatinov mask). There's plenty of throw but some cameras may need an extension tube. :)

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