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First attempt at stacking Jupiter

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My first attempt at using stacking instead of a single shot. Took a minute long video using my Canon 60D and stacked it using Autostakkert and Registax. Jupiter was behind some thin clouds and dense light pollution but you can just about make out the shadow of Io as it transited the planet. Oh and this is through my Skywatcher Skymax 180 pro on an eq5 mount. This was my first real attempt at photographing jupiter and learnt some valuable stuff for when the sky next clears up. Which isn't anytime soon in this rainy country.


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thats a cracking image for a first pop at it,

how many frames were stacked?

what settings did you use?

what if any photo processing software did you use?

yes i'm nosey can't help it!

I see by the 'weather man' says your going to get poor weather for few more days yet. but hey, it can't rain forever--- can it?

keep at it.


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Cheers guys,

Eh lets see, my process was just take a low res video on my canon 60D then convert the file to AVI. Then i centred the pictures of the video with castrator. Then into autostakkert to stack and finally registax to alter a few things and bring out detail. Literally my first time ever and this was my first result. I'm hoping for a clear night soon then I'll be going hell for leather to get the best I can, i understand my SW180 should do some good stuff when i get it sorted. I took one minute of footage so it came out to be about 1800 frames and then selected I think the best 30% for this pic.

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