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seben eyepiece

mark RD

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Can't say that I have ever looked thru a Seben eyepiece. 

I don't normally associate the Seben brand with quality optics but hey, let us know what you think.

(Ultimately, if it looks clear sharp and bright ... it is :clouds2:)


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Thanks for your comment Steve, Ive only had the 5inch refractor for a while so I'm not too sure what it can do with other eye pieces in this area.

The two seben ed ocular eye pieces I have are 7.5 and a 3.8. The build quality seems very good in deed The optics look nicely coated they are heavy to hold, one problem is as they are very big they tend to get in the way of my finderscope.  :clouds2: I do tend to go to 32mm  celestron if I want to change viewing objects because of that.

As far as the Quality is concerned I think my celeston plossl is much better quality it has much more detail across the full viewing area of optics.

So is the seben worth £100 NO is it worth £35 err I think I might just try a second hand celestron in the same size instead, but I think I know what the out come will be, anyone want to buy a seben eye piece........


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one problem is as they are very big they tend to get in the way of my finderscope.

Can you not just move your Diagnol so the eyepiece is away from the finderscope?. The 32mm Celestron is a nice eyepiece Mark i have used one of those in the past :clouds2:.

James :clouds2:

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