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Modded camera question

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I am thinking about getting a modded dslr for astrophotos. If my understanding is right, you use clip filters to enhance colours in unmodded cameras, but do you still need them with a modded camera. I will not be intending to use this cam for normal photography, just astro or quirky daylight.

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if just astro, then you need it modding and no other filters replaceing the removed ones. You will need then clickstop filter fitting in camera for astro and nothing else, you are good to go. if you then take normal picture they will appear blue!!! hope this makes sense


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All the standard Canon series DSLR's have an inbuild colour correction filter which limits the response in the red. This is usually removed in the DSLR "Mod"

The 650Da I believe already has a "modified" colour correction filter fitted and therefore doesn't require any additional "mods" or filters for astro work.

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