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LED-headlamp, how to dye red?

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I find bike lights too bright; just 'cos it's red doesn't mean it won't affect your dark adaption if it's bright enough, and I think a bike light isn't bright enough if a dazzled car driver can't see it at a quarter of a mile...

EDIT: FWIW, I use nail polish to reduce the brightness as much as anything else...

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Red electric tape. If it's still too bright, double up, Nick.

Sweet wrapper and an elastic band is the easiest! (Damn, you'd have to eat all the sweets first too!) Cheers

Drop me a PM with your home address and I'll send you a couple of sheets of 10cm x 10cm red film that I use on my own torches. I enjoyed eating the cherry brandy liqueur chocolates that came wrapped

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For those in the UK you can get one of these (pictured below) for under 2 quid complete with batteries at any Morrisons filling station

post-32791-0-34822500-1384480485_thumb.j    They are available in 3 colours of which this is the red one of course.

Press the button once for an ordinary white light torch beam, twice to add red illumination to the body, 3 times to turn off the white beam, but leave the body glowing, 4 to make the body flash and 5 to switch everything off. There's even a whistle that unscrews from the base - why? FIK! The wrist strap should make it a little harder to lose even when it's switched off.

Unfortunately I couldn't see any difference between the scans with or without the body glowing, but you can decide for yourself by checking out one to see if it's too bright to be useful. I haven't tried this one out 'in anger' as I spent most of the evening at a lecture on supernovae held at the Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society's regular Thursday evening meet and I was too tired (yeah ... tired; I can work with that) and it's too damn cold to hang around waiting for decent gaps in the cloud cover.


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