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IC1848 Soul Nebula mosaic revisited

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Bonfire night turned out to be rather clear - and productive. The air was slightly misty, probably due to all the fireworks and bonfires but that didnt worry me too much because the quality of the sky made up for it - astonishingly clear.

Ive now topped up each panel to 3 hours in Ha, which has had the desired effect of killing off the noise and allowing me to get in there with the high pass filters. I didnt bother with any sharpening as it didnt seem to need it. There were plans for a 4th panel, but I only got an hours worth before having to pack up. Not sure if its worth another 2 hours for the not so interesting backend of a nebula.

Im just having a think as to whether to colour it in or not, thats at least another 4.5 hours for bi-colour, or 9 for HST palette :rolleyes:

IC1848: Soul Nebula

24x450 (Ha), 3 Panels

ED80 (0.85x), Atik 314L+, NEQ6

Setpoint: -15

Calibration: None

Thanks for looking! :)



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Nice - that's made a real difference Rob, much sharper this time. Just goes to show how important integration time is!

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I like that - and you deserve a medal for doing a mosaic - much as I'd like to with some objects I just never seem to find the time!


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Wow that is really great, but would also like to see colour :laugh:


I had a feeling somebody might say that! :D

Well, I just might pop the OIII filter back in the wheel and see what comes my way ;)

Thanks James, but if anyone deserves a medal for mosaics then surely its got to be MartinH with his monster mosaic of Cygnus, a truly astonshing feat of patience. 67(ish) panels? That would drive me bonkers! Im thinking of doing a mosaic of M45 too once it has risen a bit higher (probably December), with a mission to find dust.... and lots of it!

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