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11 meters jupiter good seeing

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After seeing others post there avis up, thought i would show everyone what 11 meters looks like under some of the better seeing ive had in Essex, taken Oct 2nd 2011 At 60 fps Red channel, histo is quite dim. But fairly stable for such a high magnification.There is a tiny amount of atmosphere seen rushing past, but its minimal for such a high focal length. Notice how the planet nearly fills the intire ccd chip size. Any more magnification and it wouldnt fit on the screen without drifting off during moments of poor tracking. And is about as high as i can go with jupiter for that reason. Collimation has to be quite good at this focal length, as does cooldown which would otherwise show as a blurry edge. I compressed the avi on virtual dub, and it was compressed again on youtube, and looks quite a bit worse than the avi uncompressed on my laptop. set youtubes quality to the highest if you can. as the lower settings look very blocky. Wish i could upload the uncompressed avi. but file size would be very large even at 15 secs

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Infact if i crop the avi, and compress it a bit on virtual dub, and zip it, i can just upload about 3 seconds of the live view, no optimizing done, so movement is real, if windows media player is set to repeat, it gives more of a flavour of what i am seeing on my laptop. the youtube upload, even set at the highest quality for some reason looks awful. And again for some reason is messing with the size. which is accurate on windows player on this upload

video0087 11-10-02 03-10-27 chop iyuv codec 2 3 4 (4).zip

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What does it look like after you have processed the AVI, have you got a final stacked image?

I have but will have to dig one out, should be one on my site. the stack would have been better had i been using winjupos back then i only took 45 sec secs per channel

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Even with the compression I can see its very steady, my views are fuzzy with waves around the edges often going out of focus briefly - at 40deg alt. Its a pleasure to have a stable image so I know why you want to show it.


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Hope its interesting for others to see what can be got in the uk, and from locations like Essex surrounded by houses.

Yes i agree Stuart the poles show so much more when its not constantly being blurred by jet streams.

Hi John yes if only seeing could be this good all the time. I cant actually remember what the altititude was in Oct 2011. but it cant have been above 40 degrees i dont think. I would have to check. but im sure it was fairly low. so all the more remarkable from uk skies.

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