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UKAI sites been a bit wobbly of late


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Is it just me, a few times today couldn't access site at all, and it seems to be fairly slow to load posts too....

Not complaining, just making the admins aware if they aren't!

Also can't post since 1pm.

Mods if this isn't appropriate pls delete.

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I was trying to post yesterday and it wouldn't let me, as of this morning the last post was by someone at around 1pm so I assume it's a problem for everyone.

I tried logging out and back in again this morning but it won't let me log back in... so I'm stuck now :lol:

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It does seem to be working now.

The reason there were no announcements on the site is because we couldn't post them, same as everyone else.

The mods and admins were aware and we're just glad it's back.

Thanks for fixing it guys. :D

Sometimes these things are just beyond your control for a wee while. :lol:

Thanks also to the SGL admins who allowed this to stay. :D

mojo :D

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No worries, glad your up and running again.

The only email addresses that I have is Rob@ukastro.... and that probably wouldn't work if the sites down anyway!

Besides I'm sure that Rob would do the same.


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