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First Image of Jupiter.

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I know it is way off some of the excellent images taken by other members of this forum but I am so chuffed with this image I am afraid that I wanted to show off!

It was taken though my C8 without a diagonal. The camera used was an unmodded Philips SPC900NC - no barlow lens. 1000 frames were taken at 10 frames per second and the best 250 stacked in Registax 6.

I then did a bit of post production in Photoshop 7.0.1 and cropped the image to enlarge the planet in the frame.

The shadow is of the moon Io which is, I believe, right next to the GRS.


Thanks for looking.

Edit: Oops, sorry forgot to say, taken on 01 November at 21:19 UT with quite poor seeing. CG5 Advanced GT mount used.
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Thanks Jammo!

As I said, I know it is way off what others here can produce, but I am so pleased with it I can't tell you.

This was the first time I have seen Jupiter though this particular scope and it is soooo much clearer than through my old scope. Another one of my continuing 'Oh wow!' moments. :grin:

The weather here has been awful and I haven't had many opportunities to get out and use my new scope so practically everything I am looking at is like seeing it for the first time. Happy days, or should that be happy nights? :grin:

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