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Fixing mobile phone to your scope to make it a push to?

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the wooden holder is a good idea and may work ok [have found it easier to get a wixey for altitude and a compass for degrees and just use the phone to get co ordinates [stellarium orSKeye]

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I made a wooden bracket to attach my phone to the dob, but it needed to be around 6" away from the tube which caused all sorts of balance issues, and it still wasn't accurate enough. Mark out a setting circle and get yourself a wixey, will cost around £25ish, a decent phone bracket is around £10-15 and even if you get one there's no guarantee you'll get it working, whereas the wixey/setting circle is tried and tested.

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Advice taken gents, setting circle sorted for a fiver (I did some plastering for a local printer last year) and wixey arrived today. Just hope the forecast is correct for tomorrow night!

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