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I like the idea of a more personal tutorial to collimation. Websites just don't give you the help that an actual person could! You could also do Solar viewing B)

Learning to do astrophotography on a budget would be great as well!

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There must be loads of people going to SGL8 that have some/a lot of knowledge on various different things. Even if someone isn't an expert in, for example, Photoshop they may know considerably more th

+1 for collimation How about a group therapy session for those of us addicted to expensive eyepieces we don't actually 'need' but buy anyway?

I'm quite happy to talk/assist in setting up for imaging and helping them out all the way to a finished picture including the flats/stacking & finally processing the subs. I did this succesfully w

Would certainly appreciate any tips/workshops re: DSLR photography(astro), Image processing and perhaps PA. I would also like to say that although I am very new to this game I welcome any advice, or anyone who just wants to drop by for a nose or a chat / has any questions feel free :D

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Thanks everyone! Great suggestion Ant, and thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time!

The main points I have then, are:

DSLR Imaging - Daytime and Night time

Setting up and using EQDIR

Setting up an EQ Mount

Collimating a Newtonian

Astro image processing

What we'll also have in the Welcome Tent is some large sheets of paper where you can put your name and anything you need assistance with. Then, we'll be able to find someone who has some knowledge in that area to help you.

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Definitely want to learn more about collimation, especially if someone has info on the Farpoint collimator which I purchased but comes with no instructions at all. Dobservers dob will need collimating properly since I put Bobs Knobs on it..

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Any specific bit?

I've not really got into it at all Nick, but I know it has some powerful tools. So a beginner's walk-through with some real data would be great :-) Ideally I'd like to understand what each function does, not just learn what to do but why to do.


PS I noticed you said you're bringing your soldering iron - would you mind doing a quick soldering lesson too? :-)

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