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Debayering a DSLR's Bayer matrix.


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hello everyone! after going through the 100plus pages. reviving this topic again after trying to remove the bayer matrix of my Nikon D5100. i practiced first with an old busted DSLR. i first tried a Ceramic Tool but it seemed that it has scratched the underlying metal. also tried, on a second sensor, liquid polishing with turtle wax applied on an edge-sharpened tongue depressor but there were scratches also. i found out about Luis' scraping method with a Syringe Needle and it seemed to be the best option as it did not scratch the underlying surface. i found that a rubbing compound used in cars  (which i asked from my local car wash so i don't know which brand) works well as a polishing substance. 

my question however is how come i have a greenish tint on the upper right? my theory is that i must have overheated that part since i used soldering iron to remove the glass. i also have nicked a couple of Gold Wires so it may be also be the case. but some may have other theories to share. great topic!





Screenshot 2022-06-17 005808.png

Screenshot 2022-06-17 011356.png

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