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V-Gear TalkCam Tracer CCD Webcam as alternative to SPC900NC

Distorted Vision

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If you had a barlow with the telescope you could try stacking them to get a larger image. I don't know if there'll be enough light there to get it to work, but it's worth a go.

It would make sense to check collimation so it can be eliminated, but focus would probably always be favourite.

I've not worked it out, but I'd estimate that when I'm focusing my Mak for planetary imaging I get down to the point where I'm moving the focus by fractions of a millimetre to get the best image and there's very little between what I consider "good" and "not worth bothering with". The more control you have over the focusing and the more sensitive you can make it the better. You'll still find that the planet drifts in and out of focus repeatedly, but that's just the disadvantage of having an atmosphere really.


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Cheers James. No didn't get a Barlow with the scope so I'll have to get another one or a x4. Are imagemate's any good? I've not got round to doing the dreaded collimation check yet. I've read horror stories about it!

I know the slightest touch does make the scope shake which I suppose is inevitable with a basic mount. I'll keep plugging away.

It's a definite improvement on my last efforts with the xbox cam.


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Hi all. I just got a used V-Gear TalkCam. The adapter would actually just barely screw in to the thread. I wasn't able to get focus when only mounted on focuser, so I wanted to get the adapter further in. After doing the same (hack-sawing the top of where the lens screws in) I noticed that the threaded section was actually sort of separate but joined at the top, so that was then no longer attached to the webcam. Luckily enough the adapter fit very snug and straight in to the webcam...no gluing, no screwing. Let's see if I can test it out tonight...and my dob will be stable enough :-)

Webcam after removing top piece

Nose piece fit on to webcam

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Got these 2 images recently. I find Iris more effective than Registax (at least for Orion Nebula - I couldnt near the same image with Registax). Need to to work on stability and exposure levels. No tracking involved. I am happy with the TalkCam though... :grin::p:grin:

Orion Nebula


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