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Freezing session Saturday october 27th 2012

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Since the weather stayed bright I ventured out into the rural area close to town and set up at a parking lot of a golf course for my 2nd ever night out with my 6 inch. Apparently my first session was a good learning opportunity since polar alignment went really smooth this time around. Alignment and slewing was delightfully bang on. Unfortunately the moon was doing its best to give me a tan, and being this close to Stockholm and Uppsala the light pollution is still affecting overall seeing.

M13 - Great Globular Cluster: Mesmerizing little blob of a cluster, I cant decide if I saw hints of detail or just fuzzy, very annoying, I would really like to see this one with darker sky and more aperture someday. I felt I was just on the edge of having it bloom into detail.

Caldwell 14 - Double Cluster: This one was more easy to pick out, not as ethereal as M13, but very grandiose.

Albireo: Already at 32mm it popped out. I think I enjoyed it most at 15mm for the crispness, but I even barlowed my 6mm down to 3mm and the colors really started to show a clear difference even if focusing was a joke at this point. Was probably my favorite object of the night.

Visited some old friends like M45, M31, Jupiter and the Moon. Also tried for Neptune (probably to low behind light pollution) and the Triangulum Galaxy (maybe too close to the moon).

I tried mounting my DSLR with that bogus camera adapter I have, didnt really want to focus properly, I'll revisit that later or get another adapter.

I did however take an afocal picture of the moon just to have something to keep as a memory.


After that I started to get very cold, I really need to get a new boot/sock combo for this hobby. Ice had formed on everything inluding the telescope, my car, the camera bag... everything but the mirror who was protected by a camping mat.

My toes feel really wierd now that i am home, but I'm curing that with a frothy mug of beer as I type this... I can feel its working.

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With a 150mm scope on a Moonless night, M13 should be partly resolvable.

M33 in Triangulum doesn't like the Moon being around. It is large but has quite a low surface brightness. Once you've seen it once, it will be easier in the future.

Thanks for sharing a great report.

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Great report ; Love this line " moon was doing is best to give me a tan" - made me laugh out loud :). Was temtpted to get some baader solar film over the end of my scope tonight...moon was very bright indeed.

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The cold weather is coming that's for sure. The place I find the hardest to keep warm are my hands since I take off my gloves so many times for periodic adjustments. I ended up looking at the same things you did last night but the moon was rather bright and washed up my chances for any serious stargazing. Like me, you were quite successful in any case. Let's hope we can go out soon! great moon picture by the way!


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Really enjoyed reading your report, you picked some great objects and took your time on them but make sure you revisit them next new moon and you'll be blown away by just how different they look!


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I really enjoyed your report and, being very fair skinned, the moon would probably have given me sunburn last night (or is that moonburn). I had a look at the conditions last night (and it's the first clear night we've had for a few days) and the transparency wasn't great as there quite a lot of swamping glow around the moon. It was also quite badly located in the sky for Uranus which is quite high at the moment and well worth a visit. I viewed it a couple of weeks ago and it's very obviously a small blue disc in my 5mm EP. It's not too difficult to find either.

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Thank you all for your kind words. I will surely come back to these objects soon again, will be nice to see them when the moon isn't being a douche.

I also (sorry for the language) pulled my head out of a dark place and figured out how to connect my DSLR without the stupid eyepiece adapter thing. Next session I'll be taking unguided subs of some of my favorite objects.

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