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More Jupiters and Short Animation 22nd Oct

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So spent this morning and most of afternoon processing these,

good to see them together to compare different details etc and see which are better ones

let us know which ones u prefer thx :confused: all are at 100% capture size when clicked on

also put together 1st 4 pics for 27min animation between 3.20-3.47am (click on last pic)

the 3.25am and 3.35am captures (2nd and 3rd pics) were 160 sec @ 20fps and i stacked 1800 and 1600 frames from 3200 frames

rest were all at 160-180sec @ 10fps and stacked 1000 - 1200 from 1600/1800frames

the 5th and 6th pics are at slightly longer focal length, just ext cam a bit

all others are with 2.5x barlow C11 and SPC cam












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Very consistent group of images James finished with a nice animation bringing Jupiter to life. Maybe you could run some through winjupos de-rotation? 2nd image stands out a little more.

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thx again for comments and feedback, still processing away here :)

i thought 2,5 and 7 were best so will prob redo driz them at some point, might try drizzle animation aswell

while 150% isn't as sharp as 100% i like larger scale for closer look at some of features

think these 100% ones are lacking bit contast/colour aswell, but maybe look more natural that washed out way lol

learnt few things while doing this the 10fps v's 20fps in my eyes was very close but 20fps just wins imho

comparing pics 1 and 2 which were 10/20fps , both had same wavelets applied, the 20fps needed less denoise for same result

the 20fps needed bit less gain aswell at capture

stacks were 1000/1800 (3min) v's 1800/3200 (2m40),

the other benefit of 20fps is easier focus as framerate improves steadiness making details easier to see

although as already said there wasn't much in it at all, just thought i'd mention

uploaded raw avi of 20fps capture so you can see live view and seeing i had

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another comparison :) using Winjupos derotate images function, 1st time i have tried this

pics 1 (2.25UT) and 3 (2.35UT) were added to winjupos correct times added etc then saved as ims files

then opened both ims files in derotate images section and got combined derotated pic (pic2, 2.30UT)

(the 2nd pic (middle pic) is Winjupos derotated combined pics 1 and 3, which i never really took, amazing or what? LOL)

i added 3.0/0.30 unsharp mask after to all 3 pics to check noise levels, but winjupos looks good i think compared to other 2 ?

opinions welcomed





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Looking good James!

Winjupos de-rotation really helps noise levels even if detail is not hugely different and its so quick and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Have you tried a de-rotated avi?

You can also be more selective with your stacks for instance I would use 2000 frames to get a decent noise level but i could use half that and then combine the stacks with winjupos de-rotation. Obviously it depends on seeing and there is no point combining stacks if seeing is much poorer on some.

De-rotation is a big help for slow frame rate webcams for sure.

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