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Milky way or smoke from the chimney.

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Stunning. How long was the exposure?

Its a 30 second exposure.

Magic! Is that andromeda on the left side?

It certainly is :-)

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Two superb images, well done :) The orange glow adds a nice effect IMO but what is it? LP or something else. Keep it up :)

The orange glow is from Thurso,a 10,000 pop town about 6 miles away,obviously its not that bad to the naked eye but the long exposure and high ISO brings it out a lot more.

Sometimes LP can be a good thing.

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I'm lucky enough to have several great locations only a few miles away,one of the advantages of living in highland choochter land.

Plenty of miles and miles of uninhabited hills,peatland and moors .In fact the Caithness /Sutherland flow country has the largest area of blanket bog in europe,

something like 4000 square kilometers of it.That hinders the builders a bit :grin:

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Great images Stewart - you always manage such colourful images - are you enhancing in any way? First class!!

All my images get the photoshop treatment,whether its a simple vibrancy or saturation adjustment or usually i go mental and adjust everything

till i get something that pops out at you.

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Fabulous photos Stewart. It does look like there's a bonfire behind the cottage, but thankfully the light pollution is nowhere near that bad to the naked eye from this location - it's a great spot for enjoying the night sky and deserving of the Dark Sky Discovery Site designation.

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