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Last night was the first time this season that I've managed to see Orion :grin: (my south-east horizon is blocked by some huge oak trees :sad: ). So I thought I'd give the horsehead and flame a go. Unfortunately it clouded over after only 6x5min subs. So here's a short head!

Atik460 colour, WO FLT123 with 0.8 FR, Hutech IDAS filter

Guided (with a WO Megrez90 and ATik 16ic) and captured in Maxim. Stacked in DSS, and finished in photoshop.

I think getting loads more subs for this target (and learning to control Alnitak) is my project for the next few weeks.



Edit: uploading this seems to have muted the colours and added a lot of noise :sad:

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