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Astro Pub - what do you think?


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Just like to add a quick thanks to Jim for all the effort he has put in to this idea. I know he would probably shake his head and say it was nothing, but we all appreciated the banter and had a good time ( despite the clouds :grin: :grin: :grin: - Jim, next time make sure you don't invite them too please ......... )

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Hi. This sounds like a really good idea. I like the idea of having a pint whilst doing some observing or just chatting in a pub if cloudy. I live in Woodley so this would be ideal for me. Reading astronomy club have a public dark site for members in Farley Hill which is south of reading about 10 mins from Junction 11. I've been there and it is nice and dark, as I'm sure anywhere in Farley Hill would be. I've just looked up pubs in Farley Hill and there's one called 'The Fox and Hounds' which could be promising, the beer garden has wide open views of the southern sky. Take a look at this link for google maps, street view shows what I mean. The post code is RG7 1UB.

Erm - I live just down the road from Farley hill and the fox and hounds went the way of many pubs about 18 months ago. I didn;t know they observed in Farley or I'd join them for those sessions. It used to be Dinton Pastures in Winnersh.

I'll give then a call

For pubs I would suggest the red lion at Little London - has a decent garden in the middle of no- where, as too the george at Silchester.

From my location in Riseley I would also suggest the villages of Arborfield, Riseley, Beech Hill and Swallowfield pubs are all too well lit or have a poor garden or aspect on the sky.

From when I lived in Winnersh, I would suggest the Farmers Arms or the Green Man in Hurst as having better bigger gardens, bigger pubs and equal or better south view.

I see that I missed the first meeting at the Castle for which I am a bit miffed. Never mind. There's always the second.


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I am glad i dont live in your area, a toss up between the scope getting time, and some nice real ale. close call. I think the scope might get dangerouse, if the ale had its wicked way :evil:

Now a night in Essex for a astronomy chat, maybe with a lappy or two to share processing techs, and the ale flowing like rain. Thats something i reckon i would like to post up on here maybe in the summer months good idea. Glad your event went well. Hope everyone had a great time. How did you all manage to stay off the Ale ?

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