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a few hours clear sky and I wasn't prepared lol. No heater straps, no warm clothes and 0c but in 3 hours, between 0100 and 0400, I saw 13 meteors and out the corner of my eye a few more, and quickly checking the images I caught one, left of the frame lol. This is looking South over Llyn Celyn near Bala in N. Wales


and a crop


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Beautiful! We had no such view in SE last night. Was just lucky there was a 30 minute break in cloud around Jupiter to have another look. This is the weekend for Orionids too, and I really want to have a look.

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I saw just the one during an hour's observing session last night before the fog rolled in, but it was pretty spectacular: a relatively large / fireball appearance with a slight flare, quite slow moving, was visible for a good 3 or 4 seconds before disappearing in a flash. :)

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Very nice Kev!

I've was up Sunday 10/21 since 4:30 am imaging with my DSLR, swapped batteries (6:10am).

Saw a few really nice ones with my eye that fortunately the camera was also on and pointed at....or so I thought

Once sunrise came I took the gear in, processed the 100's of images, and found 1 to post.

Also woke up my wife and boys, then took them outside to look "up" - on a chair - with them.

Seems I forget the eyes field of view is so much more than even a 15mm lens, and then the morning dew came and fogged my lens....


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I also took a few shots last night... 404 to be exact, between 11:30pm and 1:00am, of the region that spans the top of Orion, Perseus, Taurus, Pleiades, Auriga & Gemini, and didn't snag a single one! Granted, I was in a semi-LP'd area, but I still can't believe how inactive it was. I think I saw one out the corner of my eye, away over at Cetus, and miles away from my camera's FOV. Typical. :)

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