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First Jupiter from C14

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Yesterday I had a first light fro my new-old C14. The seeing was quite good, and the results are quite good too, but still something is missing there ;)

DMK21AU618 f/22.5; YRGB 23:51, ORGB 00:08, LRGB 00:10


O - Orange, Y - Yellow longpass filter :) Atmospheric dispersion corrector and Baader "Hyperion Zoom Barlow".

Orange longpass / Methane Band; f/10; 23:01:


Jupiter moons f/22.5 and 3x drizzle


To match the simulation they have to be rotated counter-clockwise a bit.

Tuscan Discovery camera test. ~f/22.5 bin2 and bin1, yellow longpass filter:



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And few pics from last night (fog was rising so not much...)

Orange channel and ORGB; 23:06 UT



* Animation - around 3 min timespan animation (3 avis).

The upper image was made with Baader hyperion zoom Barlow screwed to a short C/CS nosepiece on the camera. The animation with an 2x Meade TeleXtender (fixed magnification). It seems that that Baader lens is quite powerful. For f/4-5 Newtonian it could easily work as 5x or more if screwed further away.

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