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Hi yes I was very happy but just sold 130p and am hoping to be able to speed a little more on my next scope and would like one with an auto sync goto system and may be able to use it via my pc and the sterillium program

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Coincidence has it, I have a Skymax 127 and I’m also trying to use it via my laptop with the Stellarium programme.

The scope is a great quick easy set up piece of kit.

I am very new into the Astronomy world so I’m probably not the best person to give advice on how it differs from others or if it’s the right scope for you, I’d leave that to the more experience members.

The only comment about the skymax 127 is the focuser... it’s difficult to get used to as the scope shakes alot when closing in on your subject. But there are many suggestions on how to overcome this.

Sorry to gate crash your initial question but it is of similar interest and is one that you may be able to help me with.

The RS-232 cable supplied with the scope has male COM-port; my laptop also has a male COM-port. I purchased a RS-232 to USB DB9 serial adapter cable hoping this would be the solution.

But, I’m having difficulty in getting this to work with Stellarium. Does anyone have a solution?

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I'm not sureeither wht cable is needed I am just trying to work out an east solution for my self as I am

disabled and to be in my wheel chair operating my scope would be the answer for me.

Som come stargazers one of you will have the knoledge of what I woud need to get the job done :grin: Geoff

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It is a great little scope but does need good seeing and a good firm mount to get the most out of it. I don't know how it compares to the 130 though.

Re the use under stellarium - mine linked up quite easily both to Stellarium directly [make sure you are using the PC direct option on the handset] and with Stellarium scope via Ascom / EQMOD once I had mastered the COM port selection and run as Administrator under Win 7.

I find using Cartes du Ciel (free) to control the telescope is better than Stellarium as it is easier to align everything. [You use it via Ascom / EQMOD]

Having said that, the handset alone is pretty good once you work out what you want to see and how to select from the thousands of objects in its memory.

Re focusser. I have not had too much of a problem with excessive shake using it on an EQ3 mount. It does need a light touch but any shakes damp quickly.


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Thanks for that information it is just what I wanted to no it sound good it is just now I spend a lot of time indoors as wheelchair access to the back yard is no that good more so in the dark but if it work via my pc i can get myson to take the scope out while I stay in the warm I could do with knowing how it compares to the 130p really. Geoff

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