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Cracking and very colourfiul image Sara.

I'm with the unbinned colour camp too, purely for the stars as the result on short FL scopes is that the stars end up a bit bloated. On longer FL scopes this isn't the case though...it's all down to sampling rate. With my big RC I'm binning everything 2x2 as nothing is lost due to seeing limiting my maximim resolution.

Going for multiple lower opacity luminance layers is the way to go....small steps all the time rather than big ones gives much more control.

PI.....I simply can't get my head round it!! I'm glad I bought it but it was rather a lot to pay for the DBE tool!!



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So, are you still going to stick with NB imaging from now on? (Not a bad result for an experiment... :grin:)

There's not much else I can say that hasn't already been said by everyone above - It's a beautiful image, very well processed...!

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Thanks Bob, Rob and Andy.

Have decided that I'll give another galaxy a go, to see if it was just beginners luck! I tried very hard to get my head around PI a few months ago, but if I'm honest I've rather given up with it now and find CS slowly getting a little more intuitive. Still needs loads more help with CS though!!

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