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NEQ6 flashing led & resulting bad tracking

Epicyclus Dave

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Now I'm getting confused as previous posts have mentioned low voltage and stepping up to, say, 13.5v. The SynScan is supposed to be able to handle 12-15v 2A. I want to be able to power mount, camera, laptop, usb hub and possibly dew heater(s) from a single 12v 88Ah battery without running the risk of voltage drop causing mount problems

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Had the same problem, but solved it in a different way. Seeing as I have to drive into the middle of the new forest, I got a cheap Bedford Bambi camper van and a small petrol generator from machine mart. Adds another bonus, I can keep warm inside the tardis whilst the mount and everything is running off the mains hookup from the generator... (Obviously, you need a silent running genny) :grin:

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Strange that there's no direct 13.5v adapters out there. CB gear (you know, radio things for truckers i.e.) use mostly 13.5v.

13.8v is the figure your after, all in car equipment is designed to work at a nominal voltage of 13.8v, all ham and cb power supplies will be listed at 13.8v. I have 4 such power supplies all put out over 20amps @ 13.8v :grin:

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