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Hello I live in Perth Australia and have gained an interest in astronomy. I know most of our night sky visually ( Naked eye ) as I don't as yet have a telescope.

I wish to look at the moons surface and if possible at craters in very close up detail also to look at faint Nebullai and the planets and see their moons and colours.

I Have been researching online for about 3 months different brands,lenses,reviews and so forth. So far about 80% recommend buying either a Orion Dobsinian Skyquest XT8

or Orion Dobsinian XT8 Intelliscope.

Does anyone have either of these Telescopes or can someone recommend a telescope that would meet my above criteria. And also where to buy here ie Astromy shop visa vie department store.

I have $600 as a budget that is also to buy a 5 pice lense kit with filters. Also bear in mind I do not wish to view the sun.

Thanking you in Advance

Kind Regards


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Hello Jeriah,

I use a lot of Orion equipment (I'm and astronomy instructor), and I have 12 Orion dobsonians in service. The 8" is a super scope and will serve you well for years. These scopes are exactly what my students all learn astronomy on - I recommend them highly. You will find them rugged, easy to set up and use and the views are fantastic - especially for the price you pay.

As for the intelliscope, I'm not exactly a fan. They do work, but a computerized mount without the ability to track just isn't my style. I find them a lot more trouble than they are worth - especially as you say that you already know the sky fairly well. I would be you would get a lot more use and enjoyment if you put the difference in price into some nice eyepieces or accessories.


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Thanks Dan,

I appreciate your taking the time out and advice. I will just get the Orion Dobsinian Skyquest XT8 and a Bintel Plossi eyepiece kit with filters. I have found a few places in Australia that sells both and are on special.

So if there are any Australians who are looking to buy these here's a few links I have saved as too save you legwork and headaches. Just drop a note to me for links. :grin:

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Strange someone else in Perth asked for astro shops about 4 weeks back, seems there were 2, just cannot recall where exactly.

Will see if I can locate the post.



Another in Malaga


Recall the post as the person was asking about getting a Skywatcher Dobsonian from an online store they they were unsure of, I found these and suggested (undiplomatically) that they simply go to either place in Perth and buy the scope.

Not sure if either have the Orions however.

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And also where to buy here ie Astromy shop visa vie department store.

Hi Jeriah, BTOW looks like it is one of the biggest in Perth. In Malaga to be precise and they say on Thursday evenings the have free viewing if weather permits.

It may be worth going down and checking out something before you buy.


Also here maybe,


If you haven't already found them Bintel and OzScopes offer pretty good service although not in Perth.

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Thankyou Pibbles and Brown Dwarf.

For my very first telescope I have purchased a Dobsonian 8" Bintel BT202 and also - Bintel 32mm Plossl (1.25") - Bintel 20mm Plossl (1.25") - Bintel 15mm Plossl (1.25") - Bintel 12mm Plossl (1.25") with colour filters( Comes with Lenses ). I do have a couple of questions though. The limited magnitude on this scope is14.0 , Is it possible to attach / or take photographs using 35mm Fuji Finepix S2950 digital camera through viewing eyescope ? If so also can time lapse video be done as camera also has video capabilities ? I realise that in order to follow ie (Moon) i would have to manually move scope, but I wish to video a moving night sky from 1 point. .

Oh here also is ome links for Australians to purchase Dosonian Telescopes on sale until December.If links are disallowed my apologies I am just trying to give a good database for people in Australia. Please edit if breaches guidelines.Thankyou.




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