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168P Hergenrother in a Quattro 10CF

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Hi all,

Another shot of 168P. This is 20 x 2min subs stacked on the stars and on the comet head separately, then combined in PS. Taken on 2012 - 10 - 12 around 19:05 UT for the first sub. Minor Planet Centre reported magnitude 13.8 for this time. Imaged with modded 450D DSLR on my Quattro 10CF.


Here is another shot showing the comet moving past NGC7788 and its faint friends - top left.


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Very nice images, i have also imaged this comet few times with C14/meade 0.33x reducer/ATIK16HR. It's a nice comet, let's hope that following year will show us more spectacular ones:)

If you like to check, i have added my observations in "Taivaanvahti" , place is new Finnish head Astronomical association Ursa's observation collection database. (sorry, no English option on website)


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Excellent images, especially the top one. I saw it for the first time last night, it was a lot fainter than i was expecting in the 120 refractor.

I agree about the faintness, the comet is m13.8 and most ot he stars in the frame are m12 or so. When I first looked at my subs in DSS I could see just one star. I thought I'd blown the data capture and had nothing useful.

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