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NGC281 - Reprocess in absence of decent weather!!


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Due to our frankly awful weather, as well as trying to get used to my new PC (My excuse!!) I decided to have a go at a reprocess of NGC281. The original process is the one on the left and the reprocess on the right. As I try each new narrowband process I seem to make it a little less eye watering and a little softer. I think this is a much better image - I'd welcome your thoughts between the 2 processes.



T: Pentax 75SDHF

C: Atik 314L+ and Baader filters

Ha - 7x1800s (All FHWM under 1.7)

OIII - 15x1800s (All FHWM under 1.9)

SII - 15x1800s (All FHWM under 1.8)

Integration time in total - 18.5 hrs


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The latest version is indeed very nice and I agree looks better than the previous version, you've emphasized delicately the nice dust pillars and the colours are well balanced. I'm very impressed also with the star control you've done with both of these - no nasty halos or magenta rings, just nicely balanced whitish-stars. How do you do this? Do you separate the stars away before you process the nebulosity, then add the stars back at the end, or do you 'protect' the stars at the beginning? Very nice work though....

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Thanks all - I too thought this was a gd improvement so posted it just to make sure.

@Martin - I am embarrassed to say that I do nothing with the stars - No mask, no star layer, no nothing. I've tried the tone mapping approach to remove the stars, but all I ended up with was some rather fetching pink mess. I won't waste my time on that again! I want to do some RGB some time and add it in, but that's not a priority at the moment!

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