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newbie with question,, Nexstar plus Control


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solarface ,Newbie in illinois Celestron 90 SLT Nexstar plus,,,recent purchase of this scope had issues after 3rd use with handset stating(Invalid Boot logger Pkg 0080,,Celeston says to update firmware wth use of rs232 to usb converter cable,which was an additional purchase,,I uninstalled old and downloaded latest version of Java 7,along with the celestron support site latest version of CFM firmware nexstar plus handset version, on my XP laptop,,now when I unzip the CFM file the graphics showing the nexstar hand set come up along wth a Java dialog box-Java Virtual Machine Launcher,,stating a Java exception has occured, and a push button saying (OK),, when (OK) is clicked ,Graphics along with the Java dialog box disappear,, has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi Solarface and welcome to SGL. If you do not get a positive response to your inquiry, here in the welcome section, it may be worth your while, as Paul has suggested, reposting in Beginners Help and Advice. Sorry I cannot be of any assistance as I am not familiar with your problem either :)


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Welcome to SGL.

I wonder if an earlier release of Java might help?


HI to All, and thanks JamesF ,,I downloaded earlier version Java 6 instead of using using 7. and no issues,reflashed handset works great Thanks,,,,,
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Hi, had same problem with nexstar scope. If you search on the Celestron website using the error code you you can download the software programme to update your handset, and this will clear the error you have.

You may need to buy a lead to connect your handset to your computer but these are only about £10.

Problem is caused by switching scope on and off quickly and is well known.

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Hey Nottsbloke.

I am not saying that turning the telescope on and off quickly does not cause the problem that I had. I was not turning the telescope on and off when my problem started. As a matter of fact I had not turned the telescope on in over a week because I was on vacation. Since I have to take the telescope to a dark place and put all the pieces together in a dark, I decided to take it all apart and put it back together several times in my house. This included unplugging the handset from the GoTo functions. After doing this several times and putting everything back together I received the "bootloader invalid package 0080" error. The intructions from the Celestron website were pretty good. My problem was that I thought I had extracted the CFM program file but that did not actually happen even though my pc indicated that it had happened. It took me a few hours to get around this.

Now I have to work on getting the telescope alligned using the finderscope. It has not been working well for me but I am sure that I will get better with time. Alligning the telescope during the day is good practice. Well thank you all for you help. I wish all of you pleasant skies.

Not so bummed out now

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