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Searching for Habitable Planets


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I would be very keen to find another habitable planet. With the street lights round here and the new neighbours. I suppose i'm going to have to give up using the garden and try and find a dark site.

We have only just started looking for exoplanets and there seem to be quite a few thousand already . Think about how long it too to find the few in our own solar system !


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The only downside would be that we would need new maps and the GO-TO's would be way out.

And are your neighbours worse than conquest-bent Martians with bigger guns than us??

If we moved planet, the grass might not be greener (it could be blue).

Food for thought though :)

On a serious note, I suppose we will need a new home at some point. It wont be in our lifetime, but at some point we will need to move planet. I wonder if our race will survive and advance enough before the time comes. If not, we will have been masters of our own demise?!

Planet X, here we come....


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Us humans are only searching for possible life on planets that match the conditions here on Earth. Yes in our solar system (on 1 planet out of 9), life seems to need water to survive and is in the "goldy locks zone". Thats what we know and search for because we simply dont know any different.

This by no means says that these conditions (as here on earth) are the only conditions that can or may support life on other planets.

Perhaps one day they'll even find a planet with intelligent life

It sure aint this planet, We cant work hard enough or fast enough to destroy ourselves.

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I suspect life on earth will come and go. and no-one will even of noticed

I think this is the truth. Life on Earth will come and go in cycles and in a few million yrs us humans will be nothing more then fossils to be discovered by whomever or whatever species rules this little 3rd rock from the Sun, if they have a level of intelligence,understanding,self-awareness to even bother thinking or be concerned about such.

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