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Let me introduce - 22" dob :)


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Congratulations Pabllto on a great looking scope! I'm worried about the mirror under your bed and what effect that will have on your 'saved' marriage. :grin: :grin: Its not a scope I would ever want to look through because it might mean throwing out all my existing gear!

Keep up the great work - it's very inspiring.


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Hey, wonderful. It's the fast F ratio that I think is such a great idea. You have 2 inches more aperture than my 20 inch but about the same FL. If the FL keeps going up with the aperture you are forced to go to smaller objects and more faint fuzzy blobs, but if you keep the FL down you see more of the best objects.

Great project.


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Thank you guys :)

I have a bomb! I ordered three mirrors today - 24", 30" and 32". Will be ready next year (spring-summer) but I think the time will go faster than I expect.

I don't know if to mention about two quartz 370mm because these tiny scopes could work as finders ;)

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