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Sun mosaic in Calcium K on the 21st Sept


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Taken a little while to finish this.

Taken using my Coronado Cak PST and DMK camera.

1st is a mosaic of 14 seperate panes created from 14 video files in Registax 5 and slightly tweaked in PS.

2nd is a single image using my 2X barlow at 8 frames per second and the Gamma gain turned off.

Hope you like it, critique always welcome!



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Those are both great images you have there.

If you don't mind me asking, what DMK have you been using & how did you get the camera to focus. The reason I ask is that I have the PST CaK & DMK21AU04.AS & I can't quite get the cameras to focus, it's always just a smidge out of focus. I have a low profile adapter but it doesn't bring the image to focus. Did you have a filter on the camera & if so, which filter did you use?



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Hi Jeff

I have a modified DMK I bought from Astrobuysell.

The camera was originally a colour camera (DBK21Af04As) but was later professionally converted to a mono camera by Andy Ellis of Astronomiser (http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/ ) who replaced the orginal colour chip with the much more sensitive and mono Sony 618 chip.

I didn't have a filter on the camera and I've never had trouble getting to focus, either using my 2X barlow ( I unscrew the telenegative lens off the barlow body and screw the barlow lens directly to the camera nosepiece ) or without.

I'm going to adapt this Cak PST to make a 102mm solarscope soon from a Lyra Optics F11 doner scope at some point.

Hope this helps and thanks for the kind comment.

Also thanks to Michael and Alexandra.


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