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The solar disc is coming alive. Littered with filaments. Not much for proms, but the disc is really something to look at now, with all the twisted filaments.

This is a 19 pane mosaic, DS PST.

Best 30 % of roughly 1,000 frames in AS!2. Used Unsharp mask, Smart sharpen, high pass, median filter in CS5.


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Nice pic, looks like you have got the DS to work well at last. No chance of seeing the sun, we have rain, rain and more rain, plus a block of flats threatening to fall in to hole 2 miles away.

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    • By Kitsunegari
      125mm x 1200mm + Coronado pst etalon / 15mm blocking filter = Basler 1920-155um

    • By SacRiker
      After a ton of deliberation I finally ended up ordering the PST this week (was going back and forth between the Lunt 50 and the PST but the PST was just so much more affordable thanks to an Amazon deal). The delivery guy pulled up to the house and I scrambled outside to take possession of the new scope. Not sure why I was in such a rush though -- it has been pouring rain all day and the forecast is more rain for the next four days! Even in California we have the curse of the clouds!
      In any event, I carefully opened the package and was immediately amazed at how small the PST is. The unit is incredibly well packaged -- the foam casing in the cardboard box is as snug as I have seen and the scope is very well protected. I will definitely keep the box for storage. After peeling (took some muscle!) the PST out of the foam I was next struck by how solid the scope feels. However, it was a little shocking to see that the EyePiece screw really is just a very cheap piece of plastic...I'm hoping this screw doesn't cause any issues down the road!
      Next, the instruction manual is simple but has some nice general information about solar observing and covers the basics of how to use the scope. The manual also has a nice introduction about the history of Coronado and why Meade purchased them. However, Meade clearly cut some corners by including instructions for all of their solar scopes in the same instruction manual. It reads a little funny in places. 
      I also ordered the Coronado AZS mount and dovetail -- both of those items are expected to arrive on Tuesday. Hopefully by Wednesday I will have some views of the sun! 
      My plan is to keep this thread updated with impressions, first light, final review, photos, etc. Hopefully this will be helpful to the next person looking to pick up the PST. More soon and initial pics below!

    • By King
      London is in a cloudless heatwave at the moment so I took this opportunity.  I did take some barlow shots but I didn't consider those up to much.

      Tried a slightly different image blend.  Should have shrunk the prom layer slightly really but we'll see how this goes...
    • By King
      I've done all my imaging so far with this telescope mounted on a manual azimuth, which is great for a camera or certain binoculars but it's always been a bit of an endeavour for a moving Sun and I lost a screw for the horizontal axis which doesn't help. The mount has been waning for this sort of thing and the vertical movement is temperamental so I don't feel I'm getting the pristine results I should get with a more steady video.
      Is there a simple, reasonable budget mount that would work well for this telescope, preferably needing as little (or no) extras as possible in order to actually attach the telescope?
      It needs to run off the mains.
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