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my humble offerings from the 22nd


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Nice image Karlo. Its strange i used to think when there was good seeing across the uk that it was quite uniform. To a degree thats true. But it doesnt take into account local disruptions. which there can be many. From someone shooting over a house roof with the occupents blasting there heating like they are living in the antarctic. to local supermarkets producing heat in a particular direction of the sky. i have areas that consistently boil away when its position in the sky is reached. Before that position is hit, its much more stable. Just a couple of variations between peoples sites that could produce different seeing under general high pressure across the uk.. There are many more alterations. like hills and such. The list goes on. So although i used to think good seeing for the uk would be quite uniform. Thats not always intirely true. And has nothing to do with capture abillity or collimation or cooldown or anything else. But of course those will also affect our results. You have still produced a nice image. And dont forget we do have time yet for the best work. things have been good early on for the most part. But if we get good seeing and no wind around 50 arcsecs. The whole forum will be buzzing with some real stunners. I just hope we all get a taste of good seeing around then. Its great to see the guys on here getting excellent results. Many of them work away at it. But the uk conditions just dont play ball. when they do its joy time for everyone. Your time will come for good seeing. This year has only really started. i will bet with your setup. your going to make jaws drop at some point. For myself my equipment is letting me down. my focusser is moving badly, and its got so bad now. i will put the camera in focus on screen. take the camera out check the perfect collimation i just set. and the laser is half a inch off centre. untill i have this sorted. i am now out of action.

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cheers guys.

Aye it's true we're still early in the apparition- but I was so dog tired when I started processing so was disappointed to see the lack of real potential- tho I did have an idea whilst watching the screen. Well it's time to await the next clear evening. I really hope you sort out your probs ASAP Neil

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