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the glazed look

sam mayo

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Way I see it it's each to their own ,

Rampant football freaks at work can't understand why I have no interest in a bunch of knuckle draggers chasing a ball around and think I'm a bit touched . But it's funny how they ask me what constellation is that when they actually manage to lift the Neanderthal brow skywards for a peek

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I tend to offer the conversation up and if someone cracks the line "Have you seen your anus?" or "Do you look in the neighbours bedroom window?"

Have you been eaves dropping on my conversations with my co-workers. They continually berate me for "looking into windows" and does "Uranus have a ring around it". And for the first 1,000 times I laughed it off but now I just let it drop. I rarely even bring it up at work anymore. As stated earlier its hard to realize that just because I am so interested in astronomy doesn't mean everyone else is too.... though I cant figure out why not!!

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