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Fireball tonight !


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Was out tonight with scope as lovely clear night. At just about 10.55pm I looked away from the scope and noticed a bright light travelling relatively slowly. It had a white/yellowish colour. The best thing about it was it was low in the sky, about 8° alt and was shedding particles they just faded away as the main object just kept on going. It must have started in the ENE asnd travelled all the way to NW. Absolutely stunning. Went on for so long. my wife who was in watching Mad Men ran outside shouting for me to come look, but I was already watching it. The kids even had enough time to run out barefoot for the last few seconds.

Wow, what a fantastic sight. I told the kids, you may never see one of them again. Beautiful


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Saw it down in Cornwall. Mike73 and I had just got up to start viewing after letting the scopes cool. It had broken up into 6-8 large pieces with a long trail of sparks following behind. The large pieces were brilliant white when it first appeared, so bright I thought it was a train at first glance. We watched them gradually change colour from white to orange and finally fade out just as they drew level with us. It was awesome. What a way to start a nights observing. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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I was high up in the Cheviot Hills SE of Jedburgh looking towards Andromeda when this also caught my eye.....noticed it as a bright blue 'star' in thin cloud not showing much movement at first coming along my line of sight......appeared near Triangulum/Aries lighting up the cloud from behind leaving a blue trail which turned green after clearing cloud.....started to turn greenish/yellow through Pisces/Aquarius with a couple of small pieces breaking off.....suddenly fragmented into countless yellow/orange fragments south of Aquila each leaving long sparkling trails......after the tails died away I could still follow several dark orange glowing points until they dropped below below the distant horizon in Ophiuchus.

Missed that last 'once in a lifetime' fireball a few months back ....glad I saw this second 'once in a liftime' fireball :icon_scratch::grin:


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I was in the wrong place at the right time. Sitting on the PC yapping here on SGL. I gave up a nights observing from 1000ft above sea level in the dark of the wicklow mountains so that my niece could stay the night.

Oh well..................it was all very exciting online as reports started to come in.

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