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My Astronomy Class - Double Star Challenge

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Hi Folks!,

Scorpio is quickly fading into the west, but there is still time to try this double star challenge! The "claw region" of Scorpio is particularly rich in both actual and apparent (visual) double and multiple stars. Even a pair of simple 10x50 bins will reveal many of these targets, while others will challenge even more experienced observers. :evil:

For the new telescope owner, this activity will offer several enjoyable evenings of activity as you learn to appreciate the wonders of the southern sky. Even experienced observers sometimes miss the beauty of double and multiple star systems as we go charging off in search of flashier nebulae and globular clusters - this is a chance to set the balance right!

No less notable an astronomer than William Herschel confirmed the existence of true binary stars, and his sky survey in the late 1700's increased the number of known double stars from a few dozen to well over 800 -- not through miracle technology, but rather through skillful and patient observation! Here is your chance to follow in the footsteps of this famous English scientist!

Let us know how you get on, won't you? Questions and comments are always welcome. :blob1:


MoM - Double Stars in Scorpio.doc

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Excellent information and guide, Daniel. Thank you so much for printing up these helpers. Sadly, I won't be able to use this particular resource this year, for by the time I arrive to my dark site, it's gone 10pm and Scorpio has all but disappeared. But no worries, be fine for next year.

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Yes, I know it isn't the ideal time of year for Scorpio, but I tend to do things during the academic year and take time off in summer. The other option, of course, is to wait for Scorpio to be an early morning sight in late winter / early spring! :grin:


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