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SGL 8 - Mugshots

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Show us a piccy!

This is us - I'm driving other half is steering. He owns the engine, I own the telescopes, but he is still really interested and looks after the ones at the NLO. Pitch 27

This is me holding my (yet to be tested) camera & 150mm autoguider rig. I don't what kit to take with us yet.........

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Thats me, with the daft smile, driving an Abbott SPG at Muckleborough a few years ago.

I shant be taking the SPG but I will be wearing the hat :grin:


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Hi Guys

I may look short and angry & thats because i am but after i have explained that i shave my head and i could grow it back if i wanted then i'm really actually a good guy lol

My cooking routine during the day will consist of

Breakfast - Breakfast

Lunch - Breakfast

Dinner - Breakfast / Beer

I look forward to meeting everyone and apologise in advance for the million questions im going to ask along with the statements "Can you show me how do that" & "I Want One Of Those"

this is a single sub with a lot of noise and all the photoshop skills in the world wont make me look any better LOL


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