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Hello from Herefordshire


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Hello everyone!

Just thought I'd cobble together a post of signing up last night - and then falling asleep on the couch!

I've been prowling around the site for a few weeks now and thought I'd take the plunge. I've never done anything like this before, although mytravels have certainly put me under some fantastic skies. So, with winter coming, I thought I'd find myself something to do in the dark nights. I've been dabbling in photography over the last year or so after a trip to New Zealand and initially wanted to expand that hobby. But I'm getting more hooked the more I look into it. I've just bought a copy of Turn Left at Orion which has only fueled the fire of interest. So, next thing - I better get myself a scope so have my eye on a few models, so no doubt I'll be firing a few questions to FLO over the coming days/weeks.

That's about it for now from me. I hope to be back very soon!

Cheers all,


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Hi again everyone,

thanks for all the warm welcomes. Certainly a lot more grown up and friendly a place than some of the rugby forums I have subsribed to over the years! I'm looking forward to seeing where this new hobby can take me and what I can contribute.

Hello and welcome to SGL!

What scopes do you have your eye on?

Hi Biggz,

in terms of new scopes - through a couple of weeks of trawling around, it seems I'm already showing the symptoms of 'aperture fever' - and I haven't even bought my first scope yet! Alas, I find myself drawn to Skywatcher Explorers. Definatly parabolic and an EQ mount, but still undecided between the 130p and 150p at the moment. It does seem to be the scope series of choice for many newbies. A friend of mine has also recomended MC2 in Frome, plus its very obvious that FLO is very highly regarded amongst forum members. I'll probably give it another week or so of reading through reviews and looking at other manufacturers before comitting to skywatcher. But, I am looking for value for money, compatible attachment for my DSLR, but most of all a well made scope which will allow me to get up and running with out a huge amount of hassle. I guess this is the same sort of thing as most new people to the hobby want.

Thanks once again everyone,


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