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WESTERDAY my first SUN photo!!! achro: COLOR and B&W 12/9/2012 4:00


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Hello everybody,

Today and for the first time, I got some time to get a photo of the SUN. It was 4.00 p.m.

I took my achromat 100mm f10 in my EQ5 without motor.

I´ve used the EOS 350D in primefocus (without barlow or other), just used filter IR/UV, and took 2 photos JPG, one in color and oNE in P&B.



v 1/640 seg.

The photo JPG in P&B - PRIME FOCUS: (the last image shows the Sun spots detail in real size 100% of the B&w photo)


v 1/400 seg.

Was my first experience in the SUN :)




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I did some experimentation with both versions 5 and 6 of Registax and AS!2 recently:


For me v6 clearly came out better than v5. That might well just be my images though. I'd recommend trying both to see what gives the best results (and it's entirely possible that which gives the best results if you stack the image frames directly, and which gives the best results if you feed them through the next release of PIPP first, won't be the same).


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I have fixed the last bug found by James and have just uploaded the latest version of PIPP (v2.1.0) to the website (http://sites.google....opipp/downloads), so CR2 support is available to anyone who wants have a play with it. I should point out that I have not had a chance to update the online manual pages or the examples to match the latest version yet.



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I'd recommend anyone who is doing full disc solar imaging with a Canon DSLR (that must be, oooh, at least three people :) to give this a go. I started with the CR2 files from the camera, processed them with PIPP into TIFF files, cropping to 2800x2800 because that fits the image size for my camera/scope combination nicely, then stacked with Registax v6 and found it to work very nicely (see the examples in my previous post).


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