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Yep, nothing wrong with them at the price.

As your wallet gets emptied you might like the Bst Explorers from Skys the Limit and the Baader Hyperion eps.Really depends what you want to look at. Different eps do different jobs.

Keep an eye on fleabay for GSO and Meade 4000 eps, nice,


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I ended up with a 25mm SW Plossl that came with a scope I bought second hand. I actually prefered it to my 25mm BST Explorer. For one the extra 5deg FOV offered by the BST was minimal and in a fast scope, it's all blurred astigmatism anyway. I personally thought the SW Plossl offered better contrast too, possibly due to having less air/glass surfaces.

However, that's all good at the longer focal lengths, where Plossls have ample eye relief. Once you get down to 12mm and below, the BSTs are far easier and more comfortable to use.

I personally think the humble Plossl, punches well above it's weight in the 12-25mm range and you have to spend a lot more to gain significant quality advantages, over the same FOV. All of the big names offer decent Plossls (such as those mentioned above), to which I'd add the Vixen NPLs as a good value.


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James - I bought a Meade 4000 and thought it was quite an improvement over the boxed eyepieces that came with my scope and at about £35 it was good value. I went for the 32mm and compared to the 25mm it gave much crisper, more contrasty views.

It was a toss up between Meade 4000 and the Vixen NPL range that Paul mentions - I will probably get a 15mm from the vixen and see which brand I prefer.

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The NPLs are the bong - really very good EPs for the money and somewhat under rated.

Much depends on budget as it always must.

I tested the SKywatcher SP PLossls and found them well made, optically good for the cash. I would put them down as workmanlike - neither terribly good or terribly bad - just solid Plossls for a budget price. The Vixen NPLs I also tested out and found them superior. Better contrast, very sharp and a cut above most of the herd for still a pretty good price.

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