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Hello all. New to astronomy with dead kean son, we started late last year and I guess like most everyone am waiting on some clear dark sky's.

Anyway thought I would make my first post memorable with this account of disaster. My son and I are both archers and we're practising this afternoon in the garden shooting into a target boss in our shed. Got distracted and misfires one straight into our skywatcher 130 which was sitting under a cover in the shed, punched straight through and out. Fortunately no major damage (other than 2 holes ) which couldn't be patched with gaffer tape.

Anyway I'm guessing here but I suspect no one's ever asked if anyone's ever shot their reflector before?

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Hello and welcome to the Lounge - these things happen - dropped my Canon 50d body the other day and not onto something soft! Still seems to be working OK though and not a mark on it. Just glad it didn't have a lens or eyepiece attached at thwe time. Phew :smiley:

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Hi Pylon37 and welcome both to SGL, as a retired Archer myself I think your accident must be a first with a telescope, powerful weapons bows. As a County Judge I know of a sheep being hit by a stray arrow and a Blackbird in mid flight at a tournament, our main sports club Secretary nearly bought it one afternoon, he was trimming the roses behind the club house when a badly loosed clout arrow just missed him by inches, off course there were those in the main club, when they heard about it, said it was a bad shot :eek:


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Hi to you and your son and welcome to the forum. Let me know which star party you're going to attend next so I can take my hard hat and chainmail armour - just in case. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Clear skies and enjoy the forum


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