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Joy Cove, Steuben Maine

A cool September evening in quiet Downeast Maine. The tide rolls out of the flats of Joy Cove with only the Illumination of the rising Moon and the camp fire. The stars of Sagittarius trail through the trees in this secluded campsite. The wife and kids tucked away in their sleeping bags while dad enjoys the warm campfire. You can perhaps just make this out with my back towards the camera. Ah, life in Maine.

Pentax Spotmatic II 35mm f/3.5 SMC Takumar @ f/5.6 - 15 minutes exposure on Kodak Elite Chrome 200. Cropped to 5:4 ratio


Camping in Maine by Nightfly Photography, on Flickr

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How do you put up with it Jim? Life being so tough?? :grin:


PS, I just received a copy of our mutual hero's Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions Of the Milky Way in its budget reprinted form. Recommended. You could browse it by firelight...

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It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Thanks Olly.

I did get an electronic copy (pdf) version of the second edition Photographic Atlas. It is a joy to read and view. I love reading Barnard's descriptions. Simply wonderful.

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      Taken in Scarborough, North Yorkshire on 16 December 2017.
      My main aim with this image was to show those just starting out in the world of astrophotography what can be achieved on a budget with simple and affordable equipment.  Using my iPhone and the NightCap app set to Star Trails mode I captured this as one image over a period of four hours (hence the number of airplane trails!).  I then edited the image on my iPhone using the Snapseed app to darken the sky and bring out some colour in the star trails. 
      I was very pleased with the outcome given that all of this was achieved using only an iPhone and readily available, easy to use apps.

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      I have just found out the pod I am going in has 6 amp supply (I am not happy) and a maximum of 1300 watts, now as it is November I am going to be taking a heater which runs 500/1000 watts if I keep that on at just the 500 watts can someone tell me what wattage a EQ5 goto mount pulls please.
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      xmas present from the wife is a telescope, she's been scouring eBay etc with a budget of 200-250. She's identified the sky watcher 127 synscan as a good option.
      im completely new to observing. Don't really know what I want out of it. We do a fair bit of camping with the kids and always enjoy looking at the sky at night. So that's what this is for
      main requirements
      portability - needs to fit in the car with our camping gear. If it's massive or really heavy we'll probably not take it out as much.
      auto setup - as automatic as humanly possible please  and I like my gadgets lol
      something like the goto system which can take you on a tour or point/track specific objects
      terrestrial use 
      camera/webcam/Ccd for pictures- not sure if I'll really need that but great if it's possible.
      so far it looks like the sky watcher 127 goto and the celestron equivalent are front runners. I've also found the celestron 4se which seems to tick the boxes. The 5se would be lovely but out of budget from what I can see.
      Are any of these bad choices? They are all mak setups(?) which we thought gave us the benifit of a more compact unit.
      anything else we should be thinking about/considering? - I'll probably be powering it direct from the 12v on the Landrover so will need a suitable cable.
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