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Wednesday 14/12 12.53am

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I was out the back of my work place having the customary ciggie

scanning the sky as you do.

I was just thinking how Cassiopeia looked so lonely up there by its self

then a meteor passed by about 2 degrees to the left of it.

It was a very bright green meteor it seemed to go on for ever.

It looked just like the images of Comet Machholz tail and all.

It started at the Zenith and went on so long it nearly disappeared over the horizon.

I think it would have been part of The Geminid meteor shower as this peaks this morning.

Now I'm not going to get much work done if i am sky scanning for

meteors the rest of the night.

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Nice catch. not long ago, I was doing a star talk for my Cub pack, when a meteor streaked right across the zenith while I was pointing out the Great Square of Pegasus. Most of the kids that were paying attention and saw it, had never seen a meteor before. They are great showpieces.

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