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I've just downloaded Registax 6 to try some lunar stacking. Its not very intuative is it.

I am only trying to stack 6 moon images but cannot get anything to work !! There is no help file or guidance as to how to stack anything'

Do I use jpegs or tiffs? do I have to crop the pics first to make them smaller, or should it cope with full frame dslr files. All I am getting is out of memory messages.

Have I got the right version for normal dslr files, or is this version just for AVI files?


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No, it isn't :)

I would actually start with Registax 5 if you can get hold of it. I find it a bit easier for lunar and solar images. I have to use the jpeg images from the camera because I can't currently get Registax to load anything else. I started a thread about that last night to try to work out why.

I'm afraid I don't have any links to good Registax 5 tutorials so you might have to rely on google for that. I do have a link to a Registax 6 one, so I'll find that and post it.


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